wWaterFeetI stood at the edge of the lake in shallow water. People were everywhere, some in the water, others on the shore. They were beginning to turn to silhouettes as night started to fall.

I had my eye on a particular young girl who was slowly, silently making her way into deep water. Her mother wasn’t watching, and was oblivious to the danger her daughter was in. I knew the child could not swim, so I began to move closer in case she got into trouble.

All at once the child began to go under. I lunged forward and dove in, stretching my arms out to grab her. I felt sure I would be able to reach her! But she was out of my grasp. As I struggled to go deeper, I discovered a terrifying drop-off on the lake bottom. The child had disappeared in the deep. She was gone.

I woke up with the sting of tears in my eyes. When I told my husband the dream, I wept. I am crying again now. I was too late.

Thankfully, it was just a dream. I remember a song: “Do you see? Do you see all the people sinking down? Do you care? Do you care, are you going to let them drown?” (Keith Green, “Asleep in the Light”).

Please pray for Together Ministry Center and those we serve. This week I was present when a fight broke out. Adults were verbally attacking one another, fists began to fly and one of the men brought out a knife. Children were right there in the middle of it, shouting threats and profanity along with adults. The water is deep. But I know One Who stands ready to rescue!

Love is an action word. God forbid that any who read this would act too late, or not act at all. Thank You for waking us up today, Lord, for every opportunity You have placed before us!

“Why was there no man when I came? When I called, why was there none to answer? Is my hand so short that it cannot ransom? Or have I no power to deliver?…” ┬áIsaiah 50:2


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