I left Bre in charge of story time at the RV while I went to gather up some more of the children. I was gone long enough that Bre had to exercise her authority and ask one of the children to leave because of repeated disrespect. When I returned with more children, I found a repentant child writing a message in stone on the sidewalk by our RV: IM SRRY BRE (complete with sad face). No greater joy than to see mended relationships and the beauty of forgiveness! My heart… so grateful for love in action.

We had an especially sweet day of community recently: a massive clothes giveaway coupled with a back-to-school carnival. Thank you to ALL our donors and volunteers! We had tables and racks of clothes, shoes, and accessories to meet back-to-school needs. The children were so excited that they went back and forth to their homes to try on their new clothes. Then they returned to model their outfits for us!

As part of our carnival, Mrs. Jean came and made a balloon creation for each child. Among the treasures, balloon bracelets and balloon pets…! We had an afternoon of games, with lots of prizes to fill each child’s personally decorated bag. Pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, sticky notes, folders, and toiletries were given and received in eager anticipation of the beginning of a new chapter in school. Generous donors provided backpacks and school supplies for about eighty children– no small gift of finances and time for each child being served.

Together Ministry Center is able to bless and strengthen children and families because of the tremendous support we have from so many generous donors. The deeper the root, the greater the fruit! Thank you!

“And Jesus took the children in His arms and began blessing them…” Mark 9:16

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