I am sure most of you have heard the song, “I Can Only Imagine.” But I am equally sure most of us didn’t know Bart Millard’s story until the movie came out. When I first heard about the movie from a friend eager to see it, I decided to listen to interviews to find out what the movie-behind-the-music was about. As I listened to Bart’s story, I was struck by the realization that lots of my friends would be able to identify with Bart’s experience. But the reason I ultimately decided to take a precious carload FULL of folks with me to the movie was actually because of the sweet redemption that unfolded at the story’s end. This movie provided a true witness, a glorious witness of freedom through forgiveness. Freedom is waiting on the other side of forgiveness. Freedom through forgiveness is not just Bart’s story; it is my story and your story, and it is worth seeking and finding! 

April 1st we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus, who is Himself the final word concerning freedom and forgiveness. By His death and resurrection He conquered sin and death forever. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. What a beautiful name, the name of Jesus! So on Easter Sunday we took an overflow crowd of some of our favorite people (25 children and young people, not including adults) to an overflow worship service, and then we came to our home to eat and celebrate together… in an overflow of pure love!

Just think of it: the freedom, the joy, the love, the celebration we enjoy right now. Can you imagine what it will be like? People of all races and nations celebrating together, forever? I can only imagine….

Copy this link to listen to the song. https://g.co/kgs//ZFpeDj

P. S. Notice the opening date of the movie: March 16th. (3/16) Took me a minute, but I get it! Do you? 🙂

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