Today I am posting some pictures of beautiful feet…and happy hearts! And I can’t help thinking about the spiritual as well as the natural implications that brought this phrase to mind. Seeing so many beautiful dancing feet at the Father-Daughter Dance on February 16th made my heart do a happy dance! Who knew heart and feet could have such an expressive connection?!

From the beginning of our desire to see all the precious young women in our lives attend the Father-Daughter Dance, we had a larger purpose in mind than simply a fun night out. Every young woman needs to know she is loved. Beautiful. Treasured. Created for glorious God-given purposes. That’s a life-changing truth that needs to be expressed over and over again!

Express Missions International, the dance benefit recipient, is a ministry of “beautiful feet.” EMI goes around the world to set captives free. When freedom has a monetary price tag, EMI sometimes has the opportunity to literally buy girls and boys off the “auction block” before they are sold into sex slavery or slaughtered for organ harvesting. Even as I write, I want to close my eyes and run from such merciless, heinous realities. In our sheltered lives, we think activities like that only happen in far away places. But sadly, that is not true.

Recently a friend of ours, now sober and gloriously new in body, mind, and spirit, shared a glimpse of his experience while in the dark world of drug addiction. I asked him about pimps and prostitution in this area, and he didn’t bat an eye. A “good girl” who shot heroin one week was pimped and trafficked that same week. Listen to story after story. Life after precious life. Lies. Drugs. Money. Power. Prostitution. Slavery. Tell me, does that stir up a holy fire in you? 

Beautiful, treasured, honored, loved, created by God for purposes beyond all imagining– such is the truth to be told every child! Who will tell it, who will go? Who will shout it from the mountaintop?!  Say yes, and join us in the dance!

How beautiful the feet of those who bring good news of good things!”        Romans 10:15 (also Isaiah 52:7)

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