In April we had a resurrection celebration at the playground beside our RV.  The day was beautiful in every way! In the photo, you can see that each child is holding his or her own carton of a dozen eggs. They are “resurrection eggs,” donated by a local church. The 12 numbered eggs in every carton hold different objects illustrating Jesus’ love, objects representing His journey to the cross and His subsequent gift of redemption and new life for those who believe. We opened the eggs one-at-a-time together, and together we participated in the celebration song that never ends!

The children then participated in an egg hunt, told in advance that the empty eggs they were seeking represented the empty tomb. They enthusiastically looked for and found 250 empty eggs!  We gave out treats, hotdogs, and nonperishable foods. We also had Bibles and devotionals for adults who wanted them, and we were touched by opportunities we had to pray with and for people throughout the day. So many needs…but so many seeds planted!

It would be impossible for me to share all the stirring stories and conversations that take place in ministry- not just at special events, but every day. The needs represented in the lives of some of the people we touch are beyond overwhelming. But we are not overwhelmed.

God is big enough, merciful enough, loving enough to touch our friends at their point of need. We can’t write the script. We simply have faith to believe that nothing is impossible for the Lord. We scatter the seed, we love… and we wait. ❤️

“Still other seed fell  on good soil. It came up, and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.” Mark 4:8


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