House of Butterflies

At Victory this spring we once again watched the miraculous sequence of events as live caterpillars turned into chrysalides…

…. and then chrysalides turned into butterflies!

What a delight to watch the butterflies emerge and then take flight! Often we were graced by their willingness to stay awhile with us.

Does any butterfly ever look at all like the earth-bound caterpillar he once was?

No!  He is not a caterpillar any longer! The old is completely gone. The new has come.                 

How incredibly miraculous is this transformation from caterpillar to butterfly!

Unless a caterpillar is re-born, he will never be a butterfly. Unless he remains hidden in a chrysalis, patiently yielding to transformation, he will never become the masterpiece, the beautiful butterfly God purposed him to be. What a magnificent mystery!

And so it is with you and me.
Unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of heaven.” John 3:3

Make us new, Lord! Make us Your house of butterflies. Change us from glory to glory!

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