wMedtronicsTogether Ministry Center recently enjoyed a unique opportunity to connect and engage with other non-profits in the area, and to share the TMC story and mission with Medtronic employees. Medtronic’s 2nd Annual Nonprofit Bonanza was a three-day event this year,  and TMC was invited to participate on Wednesday, September 9. Medtronic Philanthropy matches employee donations dollar for dollar up to $100,000 USD per calendar year. What a blessing!

When I checked out the Medtronic website in order to educate myself, I broke into a grin at this headline on their home page: “FURTHER, TOGETHER.” TOGETHER!  What a great word!

I knew I felt a kindred spirit in what I had heard and seen of Medtronic. Thank you Victor Rocha, Angie Hankins, Laura Cornell, and Carrie Bull for opening the door and inviting TMC to share in Medtronic’s desire to make a difference in the community “together.” And thank you, Medtronic, for desiring to use your influence for good in this way.

Medtronic’s company and employee display of outreach and service is exemplary. And through their gifts and service, many lives are already being touched. Thank you, Medtronic, for working toward better health outcomes with products that help alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. And thank you, Medtronic, for your commitment to our community!

TOGETHER. Together Ministry Center. First things first. We need the Lord! And we need each other.

Acts 2:43-44, “Everyone kept feeling a sense of awe, and many signs and wonders were taking place through the apostles. And all those who had believed were together…”


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