003  Whether you have prayed, volunteered, or donated– financially or with other gifts– we want to take this opportunity to thank you again for investing in Together Ministry Center. You are a vital partner in our labors, and your partnership is a blessing!

Since TMC was birthed in 2015, much has transpired. TMC has a women’s LIFE TOGETHER group which meets once a week, providing support for several women seeking to grow and find new footing in Christ. Plans are now in place for a men’s LIFE TOGETHER group, as men have responded to a similar opportunity. Three afternoons a week, children are tutored free of charge by our amazing, committed TMC tutors. Our HEARTBEAT (bucket drumming) group has grown each week. Last week we were even a bucket short, because we had ten participants– an awesome, diverse group of young people! In fact, as we prepared to wrap up our time together, one of them asked, “Could we do the song we did last time? You know, the song that has the Bible verse that says, ‘Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever!’” Woohoo, she remembers! The truth in the song, “Jesus the Same,” is working its way into their hearts.

We continue to receive food donations and distribute what we are given each week. How thankful we are to be connected to two local Methodist churches who contribute their leftovers so that we can feed friends in need. We also have nonperishables to give out as needed, along with personal hygiene items and other household goods. After receiving a generous donation of fleece blankets last month, we were able to provide almost every household with at least one blanket. We also have seasonal clothes “giveaways” in the neighborhood where we serve. All this is because friends like you have seen an opportunity and have donated.

A recent crisis created an unexpected opportunity for us when a friend, a single young mother, was in the throes of detox. She needed someone to keep her children and reached out to us. At first we felt inadequate and ill-equipped to take four days (three nights actually being more intimidating than four days!) to care for her children: a toddler in diapers and an active preschooler. No words can adequately describe the beautiful way it both challenged and blessed us to embrace that God-sized opportunity. In the gospels, as people brought their children to Jesus He took them in His arms and blessed them. The heart of love revealed by Jesus’ actions is more real than ever to us! We are being changed by all that God is doing.

Thank you for sharing Together Ministry Center’s mission and ministry with us. “Relationship. Hope. Help.” It isn’t just words. It is an exciting journey! Thank you for your investment– whatever, whenever, and however you are inspired to share. We are grateful to be on this journey with you at our side!

Karen and John

Zechariah 4:6, “…’Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the Lord of Hosts.”

1 John 4:19, “We love because He first loved us.”


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