OPTLoveLockOpenJohn836Mother Teresa said, “our prayers should be burning words coming forth from the furnace of a heart filled with love…” Everything in me cries “yes!” Prayer. Fire. Love.  Let those be mine!

I have a number of friends with devastating addictions. They do not war against flesh and blood. Neither do we. And I am absolutely convinced that the best gift the Church, the body of Christ, can give broken individuals chained to an addiction is first of all prayer: prayer coming from the furnace of a heart filled with love! Burning words. The Spirit’s fire. The power of faith that says NOTHING WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE LORD. Nothing!

Given my own tendency to feel strong and in control, I am thankful for the Spirit’s conviction to the contrary. God’s grace saved me. And I certainly cannot change or save anyone. But I know a great Deliverer who can. We humans are quick to give up on people, especially when we see failure after failure. But God’s love never gives up! Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection prove that.

Please join me at the mercy seat today. Do you know anyone struggling with an addiction? I will pray with you. My heart is full of holy fire. Jesus said we must pray and never give up. Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!

John 8:36; Luke 18:1-8

“‘Is not My word like a fire,’ declares the Lord, ‘and like a hammer which shatters a rock?'” Jeremiah 23:29

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