Come on down to the living water, waves of mercy washing over you!

No more strangers, only sons and daughters! Come down to the living water, and rise up new! Anne Wilson, “Living Water”

On Palm Sunday we had a baptism service at the outdoor pool of some dear friends and co-laborers. 12 children and 3 adults gave their testimonies and were baptized. We were all deeply moved by the 15 testimonies and baptisms! In fact, 5 more children asked to be baptized on the spot!

The very first adult we met when we went out to Candlelight (in 2012) was baptized in this beautiful service. What a holy reminder that God is faithful! “God led me through the fire of cancer, addiction, and grief. He used those trials to lead me to Him. God brought me out!”

Come down to the living water, and rise up new!

A youth testified, “I used to be in darkness before I came to school at Victory. I was bad-tempered, and I used foul language when I was around other kids. At that time I didn’t know who God was. My sisters went to Victory for homeschool, but I was in public school. Then I had the chance to come to Victory. I heard things I’d never heard before. I saw my classmates all-in and I wanted to give my life to Jesus! When I was 12 everything began to change. It’s like I tore out of my old skin and became new—like a butterfly! I’m so thankful I came to Victory.”

Come down to the living water, and rise up new!

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