This is the illustration which I referenced in my last blog, “Let the children come.” I added the scripture verse which my friend whispered as she drew.

Our precious young friend drew this picture during worship after she came to Bible study at our RV.  She is the little girl in between John and me (she has cat ears and a cat tail :). And she is as adorable as her self-portrait implies.

The cross and the sun in this drawing are a sweet witness of light and life which speak to me beyond the simple illustration. Now that the new year has arrived, I am so grateful that the light of Christ which came into the world many years ago still shines! That light is full of hope, healing, and redemption. The darkness cannot overcome it. My prayer is this: Light of the world, shine on us!

May the Lord fulfill all He has planned for you, dear friends! And may the Lord fulfill His promises in the lives of countless others around us– especially those who feel overwhelmed by the depth of the darkness of their situations.  So many are searching. We don’t give up! God is both able and faithful. 2017 is going to be a glorious year! HERE COMES THE SUN!

Malachi 4:2, “For those who fear My name the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings.”

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