This is one of those times when I can’t narrow the adventures we’ve had over the past month into a single focus…. except to put everything under the umbrella of life (and add that we are living it out with overwhelming love!).  I could tell you about events, outreach, programs, and acts of benevolence. But I can’t capture the spirit of Together Ministry Center by giving you a list of activities. So I am saying upfront that TMC is not about activities, but about people.  In the end, only people matter. And wow, do we ever love the precious peeps in our lives! We are doing life together.

As the weather has grown warmer and drier, we have enjoyed more opportunities to get outside and do life together. Pictures below capture some of the love:  spontaneous chalk drawings, doorstep stories (complete with ragamuffin parade), and drumming at a birthday celebration (oops…. we got a little wet on that one! :).

We decorated cookies in anticipation of our April 29th baptism celebration. You see a photo below: tables, chairs, tents, and coolers, everything ready and waiting on the morning of the baptism. Three young people came to celebrate baptism and faith in Christ with family members and friends! A photo with the 30 folks who joined us to celebrate would be nice, right? Once the celebration started we forgot to take pictures. 😯 But trust me, it was AWESOME!

We watch as the Lord takes our daily offerings and multiplies blessings to people He himself draws. Our desire is to be unrestrained in our love. Our ONLY agenda is to love like Jesus loves. Day by day we are working together, sharing together, studying together, playing together, praying together, preparing together, worshipping together, drumming together,  learning together, eating together, celebrating together, laughing together, crying together. Our plate is full, our tables are full, our hearts are full…. We are so grateful!

He who has the Son has life. What beautiful life He gives! So excited to be living it out.

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